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Creating a Community

directionsSaturday, March 21, 2015 marked a new day in Ottawa, Ontario, Single Parents Day where the isolation disappeared.  This is the date that I witnessed the beginning a the creation of a community for single parents.  One by one as each person arrived and took their seat, spread out amongst a sea of chairs, I thought “how alone do they look”.  Within a matter of hours we witnessed the community connection that had been my goal from the start of this journey.  There was no fear in sharing their stories or shame in asking questions.  The energy that filled the room was electrifying.  A real community connection had been made. The TEAM I was blessed with has helped me to create something life changing.

It has been a month and a half since that day and SPFS is slowly morphing with a goal to continue the growth of a single parenting community.  Locations are being scouted, collaborations are in the works and training is lined up that will allow us to offer more.  I understand fun family events are a “must have” to help build continued connection in community.  And so it continues…..

The theme for our Symposium was “Just Ask” and this is where I am at – I need to JUST ASK each of you what do you need?  What would you like to see happen?  What connections do you want to make? What can we do together?  Please add your comments and suggestions, the floor is yours…


Liz M Raymond

P.S.  I have created a Facebook group Successful Single Parents, I would be honoured if you join us

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