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Growing Victory Gardens of Positive Beliefs

weedbeliefs copyI’m Awesome!”  I love to hear my granddaughter happily share this with me when I ask her what she is. This little lady is creative, intelligent, expressive and loves to learn.  Knowing that these are important years where she is forming her beliefs I am very conscious of what I say and how I say it.  You see I have been working alot with Limiting Beliefs in my own journey and with this learning I know better how to communicate with children so they can create their own positive beliefs.  I’m aware of this, not only with my granddaughter, but other children as well.

Nearly all of our beliefs are formed in our early childhood. As Dr. Wayne Dyer shares we are born with unlimited potential.  We form our beliefs (which are thoughts we believe are our truths) from our parents, relatives, teachers and others as well as from experiences we have during childhood.  Once they are formed, we start looking for things that reinforce them – until we become aware of the fact that they aren’t necessarily true – and then begins the work to “weed out” the limiting beliefs and plant new ones that allow us to grow with limitless potential.

Spring is a perfect time for growing a garden of positive beliefs. We often think of Spring as a “fresh start’ where we can do some spring cleaning, clearing out closets and best yet, growing beautiful gardens.  Like any garden, creating Victory Garden begins with weeding out your Limiting Beliefs. To grow any garden, you need to begin with rich soil, a variety of seeds and nutrients.  The weeding can be challenging but it is doable, the first step is becoming conscious of your thoughts.  I did this through journaling my thoughts.  I did this for 2 weeks to see what was coming up over and over again.  It really wasn’t surprising when I went back and read my journal.  What I have found, that we can find a “tribe” of people who will positively support us as we travel this journey of creating our “Victory” garden of positive beliefs.  I’ve found mine.  I am happy to create that tribe of support for single moms and single dads and all of our children.

I’d like to invite you to our Successful Single Parents Facebook Group so we can share in conversations, information and positive support.


Liz M Raymond

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