Creating Community, Change & Choice

Meet Our Team

Liz M. Raymond – Founder

Symposium Planning Team

Ann Bacciaglia – Ann is a KickAss Living widow and single mom. She is learning how to live chapter 2 of her life and is sharing her journey on this blog. Ann also shares “kickass” things that she discovers along the way. Ann has returned to join us once more with her expertise in social media and brand connections.

Eva Cayer – A woman of courage who is determined to live her full potential, Eva is a single mom of 3 who has a great desire to support others in this single parent community.  We are thrilled to be having Eva join us in creating this awesome event this year.

Penny Mayo – Penny is a single mom of two boys and Parenting Coach.  She brings with her expertise as a project management professional which we will be sure to go a long way in organizing events and programs.  Her work as an Educational Assistant in a public school board adds another dimension to the services we will be providing.

Colleen McRae – An abundance of knowledge and connections in her community, Colleen comes to us with enthusiasm in helping create a community of support that is greatly needed. She’s the kind of woman you want to have on your side.  We are thrilled she on ours!

Una Pretty – Una is a former single mom who is familiar with the single parenting journey and all that it entails.  A gentle soul with great skills and knowledge with a pay-it-forward attitude, makes a great addition to our team.

Penny Lee Prevost  – A master motivator and connector, Penny Lee has a wide range of knowledge and expertise.  She believes in community and loves to support others to make a difference.

It is with my deepest gratitude that I welcome these fabulous human beings to my Make It Happen team.  We are in for a spectacular year!!