Creating Community, Change & Choice

Liz M. Raymond – Founder

A single mom for the good part of 20 years and a grandmother, on her journey of self-discovery, not only did Liz realize she has always had a passion to teach, but that she has a strong desire to help those who were trying to help themselves. At the beginning of her single parent journey Liz swore “If there is ever a time that I can help others avoid, or overcome challenges quicker, I’m there!” Helping others, who are already working on helping are those that keep Liz’s passion fueled.

Liz M RaymondAn entrepreneur since 1993, she has gained a variety of experience and has made many wonderful connections many business owners and professionalswhich have blossomed into great associations and inspired amazing collaborations.  These connections provide a knowledgeable resource that she can tap into when the need arises and vice versa. Many of these associations have also turned into valued friendships.

As one of the co-founders of  GradUit Thrivers Inc. (formerly GradUit Network), Liz GradUit Thriversworks along side Penny Lee Prevost.  This social enterprise connects purpose-driven people that inspire, educate, and support mutual growth and continued success for results.  Offering opportunties through facilitated workshops and events GradUit helps individuals thrive while growing this unique Community.  The skills and strategies she has learned and continues to learn  are shared within the programs.  As she is constantly inspired, she too loves to inspire.

Liz M RaymondLiz has an active presence in the community where she volunteers with other organizations and causes.  The joy of writing  is a creative outlet where she can share her experiences and knowledge through blogging.  As a  published author, she contributed to “1000 Tips for Teens”, a compilation book of 120 authors who have each contributed tips for teenagers, compiled by Kelly Farladeau.

Single Parenting for Success, a Resource Centre for those who single parent, is a dream of hers she which is steadily coming to life.  It is a much needed resource for a demographic that continues to grow.  With the gift of collaboration with entrepreneurs and businesses, who have the desire to mentor and share their talents, skills and knowledge, this centre will be a “home” where single parents can be supported and empowered to be all that they can be.  As a result, their children and our communities will be better, as much as they.

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