Creating Community, Change & Choice


Enjoying our children as they thrive and grow is a priceless gift of being a parent. Being a parent comes with it’s share of learning curves and challenges.  When you become a single parent there are additional challenges.  Single Parenting For Success focuses on being an on-going source of support where anyone who is single parenting can find expertise, knowledge and a community that understands all the struggles, challenges and successes that single parenting can encounter.

#OpenTalk is a new series of discussions and events organized in collaboration with resources and experts.  This series will include but not be limited to the following topics:

  • Abuse
    • bullying
    • sexual abuse
    • preventative sexual abuse
    • emotional abuse
    • neglect
  • Mental Health
    • anxiety disorders
    • depression
    • eating disorders
    • suicide
  • Sex
    • birth control
    • general health care
    • sexual orientation & gender

We welcome your comments and suggestions so that we can better serve our community.  Please send your email to