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Bullying and Mental Health

bullyingBullying and the long term effect it has on our children’s mental health is a growing concern.  Not only have studies showed that children who are bullied have more anxiety and depression when bullied by their peers than by adults.  Bullying by anyone is unacceptable!  There is an increased risk of anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicidal tendencies in children who are bullied, this is proven through studies conducted by U.S. and British Researchers.

An article I read on the CBC news website titled “How bullied children face long-term hits to mental health” clearly indicated the effects of bullying carries on long into adult life.  The article included a quote from Travis Price, 25, the Halifax co-founder of the anti-bullying movement called Pink Day, said the bullying he faced when he was six or seven years old continues to affect him.  “I think that it’s so damaging because it becomes your life. It’s your every day in the sense you don’t think this is ever going to end. It’s the longest years of your life if you are that bullied kid.”  Pink Shirt Day has made it’s way through local schools and is just one step to making our kids aware and making it an important issue.

In Ottawa we have resources such as the Ottawa Bullying Prevention Coalition that offers a variety of information on bullying like what is bullying, warning signs, how to support and respond, reporting it and who can help.  We also have organizations like Proud to be Me who strive to improve youth programs and services in our community.

Single Parenting For Success have begun to plan sessions to help single parents and their children in an effort to deal with this issue in a preventative measure as well as a responsive manner.  Our 2017 Single Parenting Symposium will also include this topic.