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Sexual Abuse – Becoming Proactive

Talking about child sexual abuse isn’t easy. #OpenTalk is here to help make it easier.  When we can begin to talk to each other and our children, share education and resources  and  bring awareness to our communities, we can be proactive rather than reactive.  Single Parenting For Success has reached out to resources so that we can bring experts and resources to single moms and single dads in our community.

Most of the time, kids are sexually abused by someone they know. We all know about stranger danger, but it isn’t a guy in a trench coat that looks creepy most of the time.  It’s really important to get people involved from the agencies that serve children so they have policies to better protect children.  For many years we have been talking about Stranger Danger and teaching our children to be aware of strangers. Ensuring our children are equipped to handle situations, we also need to be sure we don’t scare them.  Tips can be found at My Child

Resources such as the ones found on Darkness to Light can help to provide parents with information such as their “5 Steps to Protecting Our Children” and other proactive sexual abuse material.

Below is a video that brings home the awareness that we all need to be informed and looking out for our children.

Many of you know what Hell the last year has been for my family. I ask that you share this short video. I believe we must not remain silent, and instead shine a light in this dark subject.

Posted by Catherine St. Germain on Friday, April 8, 2016


Single Parenting For Success will be facilitating monthly workshops as an ongoing resource.