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2017 Single Parenting for Success Symposium

 2017 Single Parenting For Success Symposium

The March 25th event has been cancelled

Thank you for your interest in the Symposium. We are in the process of modifying the format to better serve the single parenting community.  The day will be segmented into smaller chunks.

Be sure to visit our Calendar of Events regularly for more details.


Looking for something special to do with your child(dren?  Check out the Parent & Child Expo March 25th & 26th





Voice Found Ungala

Our community partner Voice Found has organized a fun evening …Voice Found

It’s time to shake up status quo and toss the typical ‘gala’ out to the February snowbanks.

Imagine fun food, spaces for creating things, a variety show, dancing, silent auction, adult beverages and a documentary film debut ALL in one fun filled evening!

We will debut our short documentary – ‘The Yellow Dress – A Story of Hope’ and paintings from the series will be available for auction.

Dress code? Jeans, sweats, ballgown, cocktail dress, leggings, yoga pants, shorts…we don’t care. Just put something on and join us.


Epicure Greek Cooking Class

We will be cooking with Epicure Spices and Kitchen Tools.

On the Menu: Good Greek, Real Fast! Join us for this interactive cooking class and learn how you can prepare fast and nutritious meals for your family to enjoy any night of the week!

The food samplings will include:
Chicken Souvlaki with Dillicious Tzatziki
Greek Salad
Tumeric & Ginger Blend Tea
Salted Caramel Pudding

The registration fee to this event will go towards programs and events for Ottawa single moms/single dads as we build our community of support that educates & empowers. Celebrating Single Parents in Ottawa.

Attendees names will be entered in a draw to receive a free ticket to our 2017 Single Parenting For Success Symposium March 25th. A day that celebrates International Single Parents Day – a day of celebration, education and empowerment.

Community Development Meeting

Here we go again!


Single Parenting for SuccessOur next planning meeting has been set and I’m excited to be hosting an evening where members of our TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) are coming together to share ideas and plans for the next 12 months of community development at Single Parenting For Success.  An agenda and notes will be sent out prior to the meeting so be sure we have your contact information.

If you are not a current member of the TEAM and would like to participate in any form, please email




What are we teaching our children?

Single Parenting What are we teaching our children?  Have you ever paid attention to just how much your children are watching you? Do you see they do what you do (pretend to cook, clean or mimick the work you do)? Have you had a giggle over hearing them repeat some of your sayings?

More often than not, we really don’t realize how much we are teaching our children.  Oh sure, we sit with them and read, teach them their A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s.  But what I’m talking about is the behaviours we pass on based on the beliefs we learned ourselves as children.  Did you grow up hearing your mom or dad saying “money doesn’t grow on trees”, or “you need to work hard if you are going to get ahead” or maybe even “boys don’t cry” and “big girls don’t cry, stop being a baby”.

It is easy to have more self control over our thoughts and actions when times are good and we are calm and centered.  But what about those times when we are feeling the stress of single parenting? When the bills are reaching an all time high, when you’ve had an extremely tough day at work and the kids just happen to be high strung and misbehaving?  It’s at those moments where we have those knee jerk reactions and unconsciously start spewing off those same comments that came from our parents or other adults we grew up around (those who strongly influenced us growing up). Then as we come down from those moments of anger and frustration and are back in “calm land” do we begin regretting some of those words.  I know, I lived some of those moments while raising my two boys.  After my marriage breakdown while in my state of anger, depression and frustration, I found myself struggling to be the better parent.  Shame and guilt rolled in and those many, many days of wondering how my words and actions would affect my kids long term.

The good news is that we have the choice to move up and out of that “zone”, that place that is not so pretty.  When we change, so do our children.  You see I saw how my children began living angry, rebellious and physical lives as I lived in my anger, depression and frustration.  I saw how they took it out on each other – for a long time it was a challenge to get them out of that “anger zone”.  I was feeling hopeless, because the guilt and shame led me to isolate myself from everyone!  I didn’t like where I took myself and my children, I certainly didn’t want to share my failures with anyone else.  But truth be told, everyone could see it – they could see it in how they behaved outside of my home – as much as it was in my home, it was outside too.

I met someone who is now a very good friend, who was a member of an organization that showed me my life and my children’s lives could be different – better!  It had to start with me – my personal development, my self-care and my beliefs – I mattered and I needed to realize that was my first step.  I’ve learned to let go of the guilt and the shame – my behaviours were that of a woman who only knew what she knew, many limiting beliefs that were imbedded in every inch of my being.  I welcomed the knowledge and committed to the process.  It wasn’t long when I noticed a difference in the way I felt, thought and behaved, but better yet, I could see how my children were changing!  It was true, to change your surroundings you need to start with YOU.  My boys are grown now, living their own lives.  And me? Well I get to share what I have learned and continue to learn with you and my granddaughter.  She gets a better version of me.  I continue to grow and expand who I am, and I love who I am becoming.

I invite you to join me as we create our community, embrace change and welcome choices.  Our Community Development team are planning some great information sessions where we can share conversations, challenges and successes.  Be sure to sign up to receive our “It Takes A Village” Newsletter to be first to learn about our events.


Liz M Raymond

Growing Victory Gardens of Positive Beliefs

weedbeliefs copyI’m Awesome!”  I love to hear my granddaughter happily share this with me when I ask her what she is. This little lady is creative, intelligent, expressive and loves to learn.  Knowing that these are important years where she is forming her beliefs I am very conscious of what I say and how I say it.  You see I have been working alot with Limiting Beliefs in my own journey and with this learning I know better how to communicate with children so they can create their own positive beliefs.  I’m aware of this, not only with my granddaughter, but other children as well.

Nearly all of our beliefs are formed in our early childhood. As Dr. Wayne Dyer shares we are born with unlimited potential.  We form our beliefs (which are thoughts we believe are our truths) from our parents, relatives, teachers and others as well as from experiences we have during childhood.  Once they are formed, we start looking for things that reinforce them – until we become aware of the fact that they aren’t necessarily true – and then begins the work to “weed out” the limiting beliefs and plant new ones that allow us to grow with limitless potential.

Spring is a perfect time for growing a garden of positive beliefs. We often think of Spring as a “fresh start’ where we can do some spring cleaning, clearing out closets and best yet, growing beautiful gardens.  Like any garden, creating Victory Garden begins with weeding out your Limiting Beliefs. To grow any garden, you need to begin with rich soil, a variety of seeds and nutrients.  The weeding can be challenging but it is doable, the first step is becoming conscious of your thoughts.  I did this through journaling my thoughts.  I did this for 2 weeks to see what was coming up over and over again.  It really wasn’t surprising when I went back and read my journal.  What I have found, that we can find a “tribe” of people who will positively support us as we travel this journey of creating our “Victory” garden of positive beliefs.  I’ve found mine.  I am happy to create that tribe of support for single moms and single dads and all of our children.

I’d like to invite you to our Successful Single Parents Facebook Group so we can share in conversations, information and positive support.


Liz M Raymond

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The Rebuilding Workshop

Are you recovering from the aftermath of a separation?
Do you want to know why you do the things you do?
Do you want to change your patterns in realtionships?
Tired of recycling the same issues?
Do you want to know what happened?
Do you want to regain your sense of power and move on?
Do you want to let go of the anger and blame?


In this Workshop you WILL:

Understanding of how you are feeling, and ways of coping and moving forward.
Love Yourself
To let go of blame and anger.
To love yourself again.
To feel empowered again.
To never make the same mistakes again.

This is a 12 week program.

Following My Intuition

LettersFromLiz copy For months now I have been struggling with feelings of frustration and anxiety.

Life hasn’t been cooperating like it has in the past.  As I have been struggling with my own money challenges I have had to shift much of my focus away from SPFS. Much of my effort has been spent at bringing in work in my main gig, Liz M Raymond Professional Business Organizer.  PBO not only provides me with funds to support my day to day financial responsibilities, but it also helps to fund SPFS (my baby) while we are growing.  While focusing on one, the other loses out, or at least temporarily suffers.  I am excited for the new opportunities and successes that members of our planning team have found in their lives and businesses.  With their successes their priorities require a shift.

With the planning of the 2nd Annual Single Parenting for Success Symposium in full gear I noticed that there were important aspects of the event that were not coming together.  I began to feel that the Universe was sending me a message.  Someone pointed out that March 26th – the selected date – was on Easter Weekend — my heart sank and I began to panic.  I knew with Easter attendance at the Symposium would be very low.

My vision to create a fabulous event that would bring more awesome resources and celebrations to #Ottawa #SingleMoms and #SingleDads was slipping away.  “Open Talk” is important.  There are conversations that need to be had and an opportunity to share with each other that would release stigmas and discomfort.  This event matters too much to leave it to chance.

I sat quietly in my room on the edge of my bed.  No tears were shed, only deep breaths were taken as I closed eyes to ask my guides what I should do.  It wasn’t long when I allowed myself to listen intently to my intuition – another date had to be chosen.  I picked up my cellphone and called a dear friend of mine, someone who has been with me from the start.  The more we talked, the more she could hear that my intuition had already given me my answer.  A new date was booked and another plan put in place.  A new opportunity has appeared to create more mini-events in 2016 AND still celebrate #SingleParentsDay as it is meant to be celebrated — in 2017.  A new calm fell over me as I trusted this is the right decision.

Sitting quiet and listening and  learning to trust your intuition can help make decisions much easier.


Liz M Raymond

Please feel free to share your comments and ideas.

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Creating a Community

directionsSaturday, March 21, 2015 marked a new day in Ottawa, Ontario, Single Parents Day where the isolation disappeared.  This is the date that I witnessed the beginning a the creation of a community for single parents.  One by one as each person arrived and took their seat, spread out amongst a sea of chairs, I thought “how alone do they look”.  Within a matter of hours we witnessed the community connection that had been my goal from the start of this journey.  There was no fear in sharing their stories or shame in asking questions.  The energy that filled the room was electrifying.  A real community connection had been made. The TEAM I was blessed with has helped me to create something life changing.

It has been a month and a half since that day and SPFS is slowly morphing with a goal to continue the growth of a single parenting community.  Locations are being scouted, collaborations are in the works and training is lined up that will allow us to offer more.  I understand fun family events are a “must have” to help build continued connection in community.  And so it continues…..

The theme for our Symposium was “Just Ask” and this is where I am at – I need to JUST ASK each of you what do you need?  What would you like to see happen?  What connections do you want to make? What can we do together?  Please add your comments and suggestions, the floor is yours…


Liz M Raymond

P.S.  I have created a Facebook group Successful Single Parents, I would be honoured if you join us

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Save the Date! Ottawa Single Parents Day

On March 19th of 2014 I was at my laptop Googling when I came across an article that totally distracted me from my task at hand.  It read….

March 21st Single Parents Day – a day set aside to honour and applaud the hard work single parents do each and every day in raising their children.”  You can’t imagine what went racing through my mind!  A day for single parents!!  It was seconds when I grabbed my agenda and went flipping through the pages to see what day March 21st, 2015 fell on…  Saturday!!  Fabulous!!  It didn’t take me any longer than that to decide I was going to bring this to Ottawa!  And so the planning began!!

So here we have it, the stage is set Saturday, March 21, 2015.  The venue is booked (Gloucester Senior Adults’ Centre 2020 Ogilvie Road, above the Earl Armstrong Arena).  The planning TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) is in place and we are on fire!!

Our very own Katherine Dines, single mom, blogger and Majic 100 radio host has graciously accepted my invitation to be Master of Ceremonies for the day.  I have been manifesting her participation for months!! Thank you Universe!

Our website is up and our Keynote Speaker is booked.  We have five awesome speakers that on board to share their knowledge and expertise with our single parents and our team is excited and moving ahead to create the First Annual Single Parenting for Success Symposium.  This year’s theme is “Just Ask” because it is all about celebration, education and empowering Ottawa Single Parents.  This event is all about equipping you with knowledge you need to create awesome lives for you and your children.  It is an event that is sure to change lives, and this is only the beginning!!

Would you like to know more about me and my WHY?  Click HERE and have a listen


Liz M Raymond