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10 Ways to Keep Moving this Summer 2016-05

With summer right around the corner some parents may be doing their best to figure out how to keep their children active, having fun, and enjoying their summer. Here are some ideas, ten actually to help inspire you and your children each day. I chose ten because it’s a magical number for many. I wish to gift you the magic of movement, and how to do it, and what to do. 10 ways to keep moving as we move in to the summer months. It’s easier than you think. And it will cost you little to no money! Get creative, enjoy the process and journey!  Read More…


AChild Sexual Abuse Prevention Resource for Single Parents 2016-04

At Voice Found, we’re often asked how it’s possible to identify a sexual predator or how do they gain access to a child. After all- most parents are diligent about the care of their children and would not ever leave them with someone they didn’t trust.  Read More…


Child Sexual Abuse Prevention  A Resource for Single Parents 2016-03

I was honoured when Liz asked if I would contribute to her newsletter as I feel strongly that there is a need for resources and support for single parents. I’ve been one myself and know first hand how overwhelming it can be at times – and how incredibly rewarding.  Read More….