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10 Ways to Keep Moving this Summer

Inch by Inch EmpowermentWith summer right around the corner some parents may be doing their best to figure out how to keep their children active, having fun, and enjoying their summer. Here are some ideas, ten actually to help inspire you and your children each day. I chose ten because it’s a magical number for many. I wish to gift you the magic of movement, and how to do it, and what to do. 10 ways to keep moving as we move in to the summer months. It’s easier than you think. And it will cost you little to no money! Get creative, enjoy the process and journey!
So to get to our top ten ways to keep moving, or even get moving! I believe in YOU! You can do this, with your children!

1. Figure out what you like to do that gets your body moving and do that! I know for me especially in the summer months, I love walking outside when it’s nice out. I’ll go for hour long walks and get lost in my community and have fun looking at all the houses etc.

2. Try new things, maybe you want to try baseball or soccer, yes even as an adult. You are never too old to try new things!

3. Do something each day to be active. I love to dance. Having spontaneous dance parties in my living room happens quite frequently all yearlong! Sometimes I will dance to 3 or 4 songs in a row to get active and have fun. It raises my ‘happy energy’ and when I’m finished I’m most often smiling.

4. Smile when you are doing these activities, especially the new activities. If you smile, you will enjoy it more, and want to do it more often! Someone said to me once, remind your face that you are happy. Smiling does just that!

5. Be active and get moving or at least 30min each time you do. This will increase your heart rate, and actually raise your ‘happy energy’ inside you. You will be able to be more creative and your productivity will increase.

6. Ten jumping jacks, ten time sets is a great way to get moving, jumping increases your energy

7. Something as simple as walking is activity, it get’s your heart pumping, and blood flowing

8. Encourage friends to get moving with you, doing activities together can be so much more fun!

9. Get outside! Go for a hike in a park, go for a bike ride, play a sport outdoors. Make it fun!
And the top ten, final way to get moving is…..

10. Play! As I just said, keep it fun! Be active with your family and friends! Make new memories, create new traditions with your friends, and family!

What of this top ten list are you going to do next with your children? What is one thing activity that you are going to do that is new? And if you want some guidance, or help with your daughter on getting moving contact me!

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